"Jeff is one of the most loyal and hard working people I have been privileged to work with. He takes pride in making people better both professionally and personally. Baj takes a personal interest in each one of his pitchers to not only develop their baseball skills but also to teach them life skills. Jeff has done some great things in the game of baseball and he continues to make his mark as a Diamondbacks coach.  There is no doubt that any kid getting an opportunity to spend time around Jeff will leave with a wealth of baseball knowledge and have a better understanding of what it takes to get to the next level. I am proud to say that while working along side Jeff as a pitching coach, that he also taught me something. This is a special man!" 
Mel Stottlemyre Jr.
Miami Marlins Major League Pitching Coach

"Jeff's love and passion for the game of baseball overflows into his coaching.  It is as a coach that I see Jeff take the time to pass on his wisdom and experiences to the next generation of players.  As a former player he is able to relate to his players on many levels.  Jeff also diligently and sincerely invests into each player giving them his time, attention and admiration.  Jeff is always available on and off the field for his team and he inspires those under his care to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  He realizes that character development is equally as important, if not more, than a skill being developed."  

Dan Carlson
Arizona Diamondbacks Pitching Coordinator

"Jeff as a player was confident, aggressive, and competitive! He took his God-given gifts and achieved his dream of playing in the Major Leagues.  He's now taking the same skills and more in working with young players. His experience and his sincere care for kids and their futures make him a coach I'd want my own kids to have access too. If you have a young son that you're looking to get pitching instruction for Jeff is your guy!" 

Don Cooper
Chicago White Sox Major League Pitching Coach

"Although I have only worked with Jeff for a few months, I can say that he is one of the best pitching coaches I have had and I've had quite a few of them. From day one, he was able to identify some areas in my mechanics that were prohibiting me from throwing to the best of my ability and we were able to fix them very quickly in the following weeks. He knows what he’s talking about. A month after our first meeting and my arm is feeling the best it has in a long time. Loose, explosive, and mechanically sound.  Jeff is just as good off the field as he is on. He lives out his faith in Christ day in and day out. The combination of a pitching coach with rock-solid faith and values is somewhat of a rarity in the baseball world. It was a pleasure to work with him for the few months I had and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Adam Frank

Dartmouth College

"Some people are blessed with talents that are unexplainable, Jeff happens to be one of these people. He possesses the ability to watch a player and within minutes, he can determine the adjustments that need to be made in order to correct the challenge at hand. Whether it's fielding, hitting or pitching, Jeff can teach any athlete (of any age) and take them to the next level. Our son has had the privilege to work with Jeff and we are thrilled with the results. Not only are we impressed with how much our son learns about baseball with Jeff, but he also learns how to conduct himself with class and dignity just by watching him. Jeff is a quality individual, with a tremendous amount of baseball knowledge. Jeff is a great teacher and mentor for Tyler. We appreciate and value everything he does for him. We go above and beyond to give Tyler the best opportunities in life to excel at whatever he wants to do and are very particular and protective of who we allow to be involved in his upbringing. Choosing Jeff was an easy decision.  If we were ever asked, we would highly recommend him (unless you wanted to take our time slot with him....then there'd be war!)" - Dustin & Jill Frazier

"Our son has really connected with Jeff, and it has made a huge difference. Jeff is a very personable guy, knowledgeable about baseball, and has a very positive attitude. He has helped our son work through the negatives that were causing him issues both on the mound, and at the plate. We have seen a great deal of progress and are quite happy.  Jeff has now worked with my son for the past year and a half and I have seen amazing changes on the mound over the past several months.  His confidence has increased tremendously. Jeff's coaching was one of several aspects that helped my son secure a D2 scholarship. It is not just his coaching style but also his mentoring qualities that make him so valuable. Not only is Jeff knowledgeable on the sport of baseball; he is the type of person that will set a good example for a young man. A devoted husband, father, and follower of Christ. I couldn't be more proud of what he has assisted my son in accomplishing.  Thank you Jeff. I wish you the best in your career and hope that one day you will continue to coach Brady. I would definitely recommend Jeff."  -Susan Miller

"Took a young boy who loved the game, but needed some life teachings and confidence from someone other than parents and developed him into a well skilled technician on the bump and a disciplined man that excelled in high school, college and was eventually drafted by the Chicago Cubs. Jeff continues to this day to be a confidant and supporter regardless of the uniform or the geography. His experiences in baseball and his genuine love of coaching and seeing his ‘students’ become better people and players is first and foremost - it’s not about him and it’s not just about baseball, it’s about the persons he develops and continually stays in contact with that separates him from others in his field."-Jeff Miller

"Jeff is an outstanding guy who has a way of connecting with the kids he coaches both on a personal level as well as from a coaching standpoint.  Jeff has a positive spirit about him that really helps the players gain confidence both in themselves and in their baseball abilities.  This is true of our son, Rylan, who has been working with Jeff off and on now for over a year and still looks forward to each and every session he gets to workout with Jeff and the “homework” to do between sessions.  Jeff has helped Rylan see the importance of staying mentally positive, which we have seen translate into him being much more confident at the plate, Thanks Jeff for being a great coach and friend to Rylan!" -Darrin & Cherlene Patterson

"We have seen a huge improvement thanks to you coaching Cameron this season. He had a great year pitching. During the playoffs Cam was brought in during the 6th inning, bases loaded and no outs and he struck 3 kids out and gave up no runs."  -Jesse & Michelle Nelson

"Our son Lanny has always had the gift of a strong arm.  Unfortunately, his control and his self-confidence were major obstacles keeping him from becoming a winning pitcher.  He has had several “coaches” try to help him with his mechanics and nothing seemed to change the fact that he could throw hard but had no idea where the ball was headed.  Many coaches will claim to have played the game but very few have the keen eye that is able to find the small mechanical errors that make such a huge difference.  Likewise, very few coaches have the ability to build a player’s confidence.  We were so blessed to find those rare qualities in one Coach.  Jeff Bajenaru has the exceptional ability to see and fix the pitching mechanic flaws that most of us don’t even know exist.  When many of us would have lost patience and hope, he is persistent and patient and continues to build our son’s ability as well as his confidence.  Our son is beginning his Sophomore high school baseball season and has already been chosen as a pitcher for the 3A varsity team.  Most importantly though, is the fact that he no longer has a look of fear or doubt when standing on the mound.  He has the eyes of a confident person who will have a long and successful pitching career.  Thank you Jeff!"  -Tim & Margarita Pender-Newton

"We are so thankful Ryan had the opportunity to spend time with Coach Jeff. Jeff has a great heart and talent for coaching. Ryan has acquired a better understanding of what it takes to be a better pitcher/ball player.  Ryan has enjoyed perfecting his "stretching out" techniques Coach Jeff has taught him. I often find him in the backyard reviewing and practicing. Thank you for investing your time teaching Ryan this Spring. We look forward to seeing you this Fall." -Michelle Hogue

"Jeff, or “Baj”, is an amazing coach, instructor and mentor for the young athletes that have the privilege to learn from him. He teaches to play the game the right way and your kid will be in great hands under his guidance. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Baj and highly recommend him." -Jason Hogue

"Just a short note to tell you how happy and satisfied I am with the pitching lessons Jeff has done with our son Brandon. From day one his approach was understandable and  he got immediate buy-in from my son. Additionally, the results were also easy not only for me to see but also his coaches on his Chandler National LL team too. Keeping it simple and adding one or two aspects into each lesson allows him to pitch with skill and confidence. Throughout all your training sessions he is always emphasizing proper techniques which are extremely important to preventing injuries.  By breaking the pitching motion down into a series of understandable steps, it has allowed Brandon to build a delivery that focuses on location and control, not brute power and speed. Teaching him to pitch ahead in the count and throw a change up with confidence has also helped immensely. The situational scenarios that he has introduced into the lessons are teaching him to throw any pitch to both sides of the plate. We look forward to working with him in an ongoing basis."  -Andrew Kaplan

"I began my JUCO Softball season struggling at the plate and, for the life of me, could not figure out the problem.  I spent countless hours after practice hitting soft toss, tee work, and working in the batting cage but just could not find the swing, success, and confidence that I enjoyed just a few short months before.  I did not have time for someone to completely change my swing mid-season.  I needed someone who could work with an established swing and simply find the "glitch". I began to search the internet for local hitting coaches and after a few phone calls, we were directed to Jeff Bajenaru's website.  After just a few seconds of reading his testimony and personal convictions, it was only obvious that Jeff was the coach to help me.  Understanding the urgency of my situation, Jeff sacrificed the little free time he had and made time to work with me.  Jeff ran me through several traditional hitting drills and soon began to suggest simple adjustments.  Within the first session, I was already making more solid contact and began to regain much of the power I had been missing.  During the first week I immediately saw results on the practice field and in game time.  I have now been working with Jeff for a little under a month and have gone from trying to outrun little infield ground balls to a five-game hitting streak.  I have enjoyed running out the stand-up doubles to the wall and am not ashamed at all of the hard-hit line drives that have found the fielders' gloves.  I am seeing the ball so well, hitting it with authority, and most importantly, confident at the plate again.  I foresee a great second half of the season!"  -Meagan Newton-Pender, Monmouth University 

"Thanks for the outstanding work you have done with Grant's pitching performance.  The ability to make him feel comfortable working with you and your knowledge of pitching has really improved his mechanics and confidence. We are looking forward to working with you further." -Tom Baker

"Jeff is not only an excellent pitching coach with his vast knowledge of pitching techniques but he has also built my sons confidence and self-esteem.  Jeff is able to motivate and challenge my son to want to be a better pitcher with the different drills to work on all aspects of pitching.  We have seen a huge improvement in his play and his positive attitude."  -Glen & Kim Wright

"I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Jeff Bajenaru and his excellent baseball coaching in all areas, but more importantly his passion for youth that teaches them the fundamentals, the overall game, injury prevention and motivation to be successful on and off the diamond.  Jeff has successfully walked the life that many young men dream about through his playing days as a youth, high school, Junior College, Division 1, and professional player from the Minors to the Majors ultimately earning a World Series Championship. Not to mention that he is currently a Minor League Pitching Coach.  From my personal experience with him instructing my son it was very visible with his many years of playing the game and coaching for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He has that special knowledge and philosophy for all baseball players that want to learn and excel in the game and as a person as a whole.  During the time he has worked with my son I have seen my him grow into a poised and accomplished young man.  Jeff has also instilled diligent work habits in my son that every young player needs to understand to be successful in the game and in life.  Jeff has superior interpersonal skills and works equally well independently or with groups of players. He also displays great leadership skills when involved in all his practice sessions.  He is very well-liked and highly respected by both his players and coaches.  I believe that Jeff is the best coach you could ever find to ensure that your young child is taught correctly while ensuring their health is always a top priority.  Again, I cannot tell you how caring and professional Jeff is with his players.  That in itself tells you that he has a character that is hard to find these days.  You cannot go wrong in trusting Jeff with your child. You will see a big difference!" -John & Melissa Keeton

"Jeff is not only a great teacher, but is a great mentor who has an excellent reputation among college coaches. Jeff worked with our oldest son last year helping improve his release point and better utilize his lower body and also giving him drills to work on at home. Our son was offered multiple scholarships, but was unsure which one to attend. Jeff's reputation with the coach of the school our son chose helped seal the deal as Jeff affirmed that their program would be a great fit. We appreciate what Jeff has done for our son and are having him work with our two other kids this fall and spring." - Kevin Higley 

"Our son Gannon has been working with Jeff for two years. In that time, we have seen a tremendous transformation in our son not just on the field but also in his love for the game. Jeff’s career in baseball speaks volumes to his ability and knowledge of the game but also demonstrates his commitment and tenacity to the sport. However, Jeff’s resume is not what resonates with our son (though I’m sure it doesn’t hurt). It’s Jeff’s approach that makes the difference. He makes the experience fun. He has found the perfect combination of observation, demonstration, instruction, and motivation that connects with our son. He’s able to quickly identify and resolve pitching/hitting mechanic flaws in our son without damaging his self-confidence. The variety drills and techniques Jeff uses continue to push Gannon to new heights and provide a constant source of motivation for improvement. Thank you, Jeff, for being yourself and being a great mentor and coach to our son." -Garrett & Shannon Carey

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