Find an "OPEN" spot on the calendar and text or email me your preferred date and time. I will immediately add you to the calendar. If I don't have any "OPEN" spots listed just text me and we'll get it done. Please confirm the day before the lesson with a quick text.


*Payment due before or during the lesson.  

*No-shows or cancelling w/less than
 24-hour notice will still be charged. 
I rent mound by the hour so I appreciate your understanding.


Virtual Help? 

I have the ability to help as long as you're able to send video
 a few single pitch clips pitches. (NO SLO-MO)

Online Evaluation ($95)

*Contact via and I will send more info on how to upload. 

*LHP = 3B angle video || LHP = 1B angle video

1) A write-up and evaluation of your pitcher 
2) A side-by-side comp to an MLB pitcher
3) Recommendations and multiple videos of drills to help

How Often?

Every ballplayer is different, but for most, 1-2 lessons per week is plenty. Some kids just need tune-ups every other week. Depends on what you need. The players that typically see the greatest benefit adhere to a mid-week throwing program and body and arm maintenance and strengthening routine of their own, in addition to their lessons, team practices, and games. 

I prefer to do a 30-minute session as I've found this is the best way to build long-term consistency. A weekly session keeps them fresh and allows them to build on what they've learned from prior workouts and also allows me to build trust and buy-in with your player.  

I would ask that you show up 5-10 mins before the lesson is to start so that they can stretch out and move around a bit before starting with me so we don't waste any time. Having them throw a bit beforehand is also a good idea if there is a room. I will most likely still play catch with them or have them do some pre-mound throwing drills to see how they move and how the ball comes out of their hand. 

I will typically do some sort of quick med ball workout, band routine, and/or Plyo ball warmups before we get going and then a bullpen session with drills, etc. I like to talk the mental game and run through situations with the players during the lesson as well to get them to think about why they do the things they do in games. I'm looking to build the players mind as well as their arm and body.

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