March 15, 2012

Pitching vs. Throwing

Great article with Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals who is coming off of Tommy John surgery.  Here are some some solid pitching thoughts by a young Major Leaguer:

"You have to go out there and pitch. You can’t just throw it by guys.” 

"He often decries the obsession with his velocity and strikeout totals, professing a preference for weak contract early in the count."  

As I get more experience I’m going to learn how to, when I’m out there in the heat of battle, to not necessarily think ‘Okay, I’m just going to rear back and throw this by him.’ 

"I’m never going to go out there and not compete. But there’s times to rear back and there’s times to take a little bit off."

“It’s location. It’s not power. He just needs to relax, start hitting his spots."

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